The Ottawa Big-Test Icicles are one of two expansion teams beginning in the 4th season, along with BYBYRY of Verbier. They are owned by Simon Chasalow.

Head Coach: Garrett Wisniewski

Offensive Coordinator: Jimmy Alfredson

Defensive Coordinator: Tyler Morris

Depth ChartEdit

QB: Charles Diaz (2)

RB: WR: Jared Ashman (4), Marshall Pinnock (4), Hez Spence (2)

TE: Cesar Infante (3)

OG/C: Tyrone Dremmer (6)

OT: Dane Sellwood (6), Chaz Musgrove (6)

DE: Orlando Sexton (5), Miguel Flury (3)

DT: Carter Salamanca (4)

OLB: Marquis Brittian (4), Luther Harvey (3)

ILB: Mickey Heyd (6)

CB: Johnathan Branch (3)

S: Jackson Seymour (5)


P: Xavier Thompson (3)


a. Infante makes 12 per season

Practice Squad/Camp InviteesEdit