Salary CapEdit

Each team begins with $250. A team is not allowed to go into debt.


Teams make $5 million per game from selling merchandise. In a home game, teams get $10 million for a ticket sales. Visiting teams can choose to pay $3 million for air travel, which leads to better stamina and team chemistry, or $1 for bus travel, which has no benefits. Eah team receives $5 million for a road win and $6 million for a home win. Also, winning three games in a row leads to a new sponsorship of $12 million, and losing 3 games in a row leads to bad PR and lack of ticket sales, costing $5 million.

Dropping and Trading PlayersEdit

If a player is dropped, the team receives 25%, 50%, or 75% depending on where in the season they are cut. If a player is traded, the new team pays 25%, 50%, or 75% of the salary depending on when in the season they are traded.