This is a simulated, online football league. It currently has eight teams: Uzbekistan Cherubs, Ottawa Icicles, Universal Greatness, Moon Monsters, West Texas 'Mericans, BYBYRY of Verbier, Brooklyn Magic, and Wyoming Aardvarks. The commissioner and simulation manager is Micah Greenberg, and the Assistant commissioner and head of statistics is Alex Gomez (Owner of the Cherubs).

How to get a teamEdit

To get a team, you must know one of the league owners and ask them to join. No qualifying owner will be rejected.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Vincenzo Berlin, Starting quarterback of the Cherubs, was the first player ever to be drafted, and the first league MVP.
  • The Ottawa Icicles are the newest team.
  • Ohio St. has the most players in the league
  • Cherubs WR Miguel Baja was the first international player to be drafted.
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