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    The WEST TEXAS 'MERICANS are winners here. They only made one move, and though it was a minor one, they got rid of Braaten who was in his contract year and is a premier backup QB. In return, they gained a decent rookie backup in Dominic Moss, as well as an 8th round pick.

    TEAM YISUS also won. They got Derek Monroe, and got him to RFA status. They also got a backup quarterback who might need to play now that Diaz is failing. They secured two more draft picks from the Cherubs, and are pleased enough with Jerrold Gilpatrick's play in order to make him a starter.


    The MAGIC and AARDVARKS made no trades.

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  • Vatonica

    Article by Micah Greenberg

    The final two weeks are upon us. Who will take the second Rosario Mathis Trophy? Well Team Yisus has already been ruled out, after a rough season which included three different starting quarterbacks, and a win percentage currently at .300. But which other team will be ruled out? The obvious answer is the West Texas 'Mericans. Their quarterback has not played as well as Monsters rookie Coby Oconnell or Cherubs star Vincenzo Berlin. But their defense has been remarkable.

    My predictions:

    Yisus: 4-8

    Cherubs: 5-6-1

    Monsters: 7-5

    'Mericans: 7-4-1

    Super Bowl Champion: Moon Monsters

    Super Bowl MVP: Coby Oconnell, Monsters QB

    MVP: Coby Oconnell, Monsters QB

    Offensive Rookie of the Year: Coby Oconnell, Monsters QB

    Defensive Rookie of…

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  • Vatonica

    Article by Micah Greenberg

    Recently, Team Yisus lost its first two games. Now they are preparing to play the Monsters, and starting QB Chares Diaz is not available. He won't be available for 6 weeks. This came in the third quarter of their week 2 game against the West Texas 'Mericans, when 'Mericans DE Wilbur Scaglione hit Diaz just after he released a pass which was intercepted by S Jackson Seymour, and returned for a touchdown. Scaglione's shoulder collided with Diaz's throwing hand, and their heads collided. A flag was thrown, and Scaglione didn't return, but Diaz broke his right ring finger and suffered a concussion. Scaglione has been suspended for the next game and fined $100,000. But where does Yisus go from here?

    Option #1: One optio…

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  • Vatonica

    Article by Micah Greenberg.

    Let me take you back to last season. It is the final week of the regular season. The Moon Monsters were facing Team Yisus. The Monsters led in overtime, 30-27. All the Monsters had to do was prevent a touchdown to win immediately, or give up a field goal to stay in the game. Team Yisus was on their own 33 yard line. It was 4th down and 9. A stop by the Monsters would win them the game, and since then they would have a higher pointspread, they would be in the super bowl. Thi would surprisingl put Team Yisus in last place. So now the Monsters attempted to stop Yisus from gaining 9 yards. Charles Diaz attempted to pass it to Ndidi Rennell, but the play was broken up by Buzz Blackmon. However, on the other side of th…

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  • Vatonica

    Live Draft Blog

    August 18, 2013 by Vatonica

    This is where you talk about the draft and tell me who you pick.

    1. Uzbekistan Cherubs: QB Vincenzo Berlin
    2. Moon Monsters: RB Jesse Nyquist
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