Article by Micah Greenberg

Recently, Team Yisus lost its first two games. Now they are preparing to play the Monsters, and starting QB Chares Diaz is not available. He won't be available for 6 weeks. This came in the third quarter of their week 2 game against the West Texas 'Mericans, when 'Mericans DE Wilbur Scaglione hit Diaz just after he released a pass which was intercepted by S Jackson Seymour, and returned for a touchdown. Scaglione's shoulder collided with Diaz's throwing hand, and their heads collided. A flag was thrown, and Scaglione didn't return, but Diaz broke his right ring finger and suffered a concussion. Scaglione has been suspended for the next game and fined $100,000. But where does Yisus go from here?

Option #1: One option is to go with backup quarterback Evan Loney. However, in practice and the quarter of the game that he played, he was not thrilling. However, this makes the most sense, because he knows their system. He will likely start week 3. They did invest their 8th round pick in him, and his top target in college at Hawaii, Asa Denney, is his teammate n Team Yisus. But what is the likelyhood of him turning an 0-2 start into a Rosario Mathis Trophy?

Option #2: A second option would be a rumored trade brewing. It is rumored that they are considering trade offers from the Moon Monsters and Uzbekistan Cherubs. It is believed that the Monsters would trade Kenny Rodrigo (not Joseph Lee), a late draft pick, and Carter Salamanca in exchange for WR Christian Cairo. It is unknown the details of the Cherubs offer, but it is believed that it includes Man Bays. These offers seem intriguing but they may have too high of a price for an 0-2 team to agree.

Option #3: Team Yisus could also test free agency. I do not believe that signing a new QB would cause that QB to start, but it could push Loney.

Option #4: Not really care about this season, and get the top draft picks in the next draft. Extremely unlikely.