Article by Micah Greenberg

The final two weeks are upon us. Who will take the second Rosario Mathis Trophy? Well Team Yisus has already been ruled out, after a rough season which included three different starting quarterbacks, and a win percentage currently at .300. But which other team will be ruled out? The obvious answer is the West Texas 'Mericans. Their quarterback has not played as well as Monsters rookie Coby Oconnell or Cherubs star Vincenzo Berlin. But their defense has been remarkable.

My predictions:

Yisus: 4-8

Cherubs: 5-6-1

Monsters: 7-5

'Mericans: 7-4-1

Super Bowl Champion: Moon Monsters

Super Bowl MVP: Coby Oconnell, Monsters QB

MVP: Coby Oconnell, Monsters QB

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Coby Oconnell, Monsters QB

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Sylvester Cubbage, 'Mericans ILB

Offensive Player of the Year: Christian Cairo, Monsters WR

Defensive Player of the Year: Keenan McKnight, Cherubs ILB

Coach of the Year: Ryan Lerner, Monsters

Fedex Air Player of the Year: Coby Oconnell, Monsters QB

Fedex Ground Player of the Year: Jedidiah Hairston, 'Mericans RB